Something Smart to Offer Essentials Packages At

Something Smart had announced that the company will be offering "Marketing Essentials" packages offering greatly discounted pricing on prepackaged product and service groupings. These groupings will target new customers and will include the online and offline marketing essentials that every business needs upon start-up.

The packages will combine business cards with different levels of DIY website hosting. Because Something Smart understands that our success is directly tied to our clients' success, the packages will also include free live "how-to" training classes helping the new clients to better understand and take advantage of their new website. Also available for free will be branding assistance coordinating the print marketing and website to give a consistent look and message ensuring our clients present the most professional appearance in their marketing materials.

The packages will be mostly marketed to micro and small start-ups with the goal of creating relationships that can grow as our client businesses do.


Something Smart Expands Into Offline Marketing Materials

Something Smart is announcing that it will begin offering offline marketing materials in addition to providing online marketing services moving forward. This is in response to several client interactions which indicated clients were looking for full-service one-stop marketing integration for their online and offline executables.

Something Smart will immediately begin offering offline print materials such as business cards, sales brochures, banners, door hangers, etc.. This integration is a natural one and will facilitate branding across all of a client's marketing efforts in a more seamless fashion.

This also is in line with the company's goal of becoming a full service marketing firm and brings that goal one step closer to a reality. The company's new motto is "Smarter execution for your Smart ideas".


Z&V Enterprise Launches Company Website with Something Smart

Z & V Enterprise and Something Smart are proud to announce the launch of Z & V Enterprise's company website on June 18th, 2012. High standards and hard work throughout the process have proven to deliver an outcome that all parties are proud of. Michael Kuske, owner of Something Smart said, “Being a somewhat new and growing company, Z & V Enterprise came into this with very little knowledge of the web design process, but had a vision of what they wanted their website to be. I'm glad that we could step in, walk them through the process and produce a high quality website that all parties are proud to have their names attached to.”

Read more about this website launch in the press release at PRLog.



Something Smart to Offer DIY Website Hosting

In response to market trends and the needs of micro start-up businesses, Something Smart is planning to begin offering hosting for DIY website builders along with assistance services. This will allow very small businesses with limited budgets to better manage their online marketing dollars.

These small businesses will be able to purchase low-cost hosting and build their own website using a specialized website builder application. If the small business decides they only want to partially develop their site and leave the rest for professionals, Something Smart provide that additional development as a fee-based service. This way the small business can develop as much or as little of the site as they like and enjoy the corresponding flexibility of cost.  

This helps Something Smart to become a more full service web development company servicing all ranges of businesses from the smallest start-ups to the largest mature corporation. 



Something Smart Launches Updated Company Website

As you can see, we at Something Smart have updated our website and we are very excited about it! We frankly had outgrown our old one and while we kept much of the same "classic" look and feel we felt it necessary to greatly expand our functionality. Not only is there facility to pay invoices, we also are adding a library of training videos, real-time whiteboard training, customer relationship management functionality, advanced user management, advance contact forms, special areas for contractors to bid on upcoming projects and more. As a bonus we were able to optimize the code for better response times while adding some cool bells and whistles!

The new site positions us to expand our service offerings and provide much better service and convenience to our valued clients. Let us know if you like it!


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