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Customer focus is Somethuing Smart's passionWe at Something Smart live by one simple principle...our success is derived from the success and satisfaction of our clients. Because of this, we continually strive to have our customers well-being at the forefront of everything we do. This is not just a cliche to us and honestly, while it is our firm ethical position, it is not entirely altruistic.
We know that what our clients think and say about us can make or break our business. You see, time and time again we've seen companies that make unrealistic promises for their own short term gain only to break those promises, lose their clients' trust, ruin their reputation, and eventually collapse because nobody would risk working with them anymore (and certainly wouldn't recommend them). Eventually their sales staff would go into sales calls already two strikes down with virtually no chance of making the sale. We think that is a terrible business strategy and one we will never follow.
It's not hard to work back from that end point, though, and understand that to increase our sales and have potential clients want to work with us, our pristine reputation must precede us. For us to have this outstanding reputation, we must ensure our clients' trust. The only way to make sure our clients trust us is to make realistic promises and keep them. We must not fail to meet the expectations that we set, but rather exceed that level of expectation. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us not just because it's the honorable thing for us to do (and it is), but also because we know it will make our next sales call that much easier.

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