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Our devicerity of experience image for Something SmartIn an era in which technical people understand technology and business people understand business, it is important for us to bridge that gap. As a technology company we think it is imperative for us to have an understanding of the "why" and "what for" of whatever project we're doing for you. That's why we value our experience outside of the fields of technology as much as we do in the fields of technology and have from our very beginning.
Something Smart's founder, Michael Kuske, started the company with a diversity of previous leadership and management experience that has allowed him to look at his business and work from his clients' perspective and with an eye continually on the clients' needs. While in high school, he was managing a retail store at nights and on weekends and by the age of 20 he was successfully directing a group of retail stores with $3.5 million in sales through the early '80s recession. In the military he was an Assistant Section Chief in combat arms in the Army, was an Honor Graduate at the Army's Primary Leadership Development Course, and was chosen by the school's instructors to appear before the school's Leadership Board. After leaving the Army, in the service industry, he worked his way from the bottom to the top, eventually grouping investors and starting and running his own establishment. When the call came to change careers he, after re-entering and graduating college, was an integral contributor to the design and architecture of one of the first and longest lasting electronic bill payment platforms. Mike worked as a "Platform Owner" of the product as it was eventually owned and managed by the Fortune 100 banking corporation, American Express. In 2007, a friend asked Mike to develop a plan to economically build and implement full-service e-commerce sites for the friend's portfolio of 400 domain names which were under control of his company Websalesgroup.com. He developed and implemented this plan and the seeds for Something Smart were sewn.
Each of these stops presented Mike with a set of unique challenges and opportunities and at each of these stops, he learned new things and filed them away to apply later. That doesn't just stop with him though, he extends that ideal of diverse experience throughout the company too. Something Smarts tries to find project management resources who have a diverse array of experience also. While our technical resources may have a purely technical background, we will do our best to find one of our project managers who has some sort of experience related to your general field and assign that PM to be your contact point and to manage and direct your implementation.
From the atmosphere of the smallest company to the largest corporation...from retail, to the military, to restaurants, to IT...in both good economic times and bad, we know the differing perspectives because we've been there. We greatly value the diversity of our past experience because we know it allows us to better understand and direct our focus on our clients now, no matter how diverse they may be. We believe the diversity of our experience will give you the best experience possible.

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