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Customer service directory of offerings for Something Smart clientsSomething Smart client services extends beyond the normal FAQ-based question and answer service offerings of other companies. Sure you can contact our Client Service Department to get information, but by registering as a client, you can also view training/tutorial videos, access individualized real time web training sessions and access recorded web training sessions as well as pay on invoices simply by logging it.
This allows you and your team to train at your pace and on your time schedule. It also allows you to make your payments securely through a PCI compliant portal so you can make sure you're on time and  better manage your accounts payable.
Remember you must be logged in to access the advanced client services. They will appear on the menu once you do so.
Contact Client Services Department * Register as a client or log in to access advanced services * Tutorial videos and training sessions * Live training sessions * Make a payment on invoice for one-time services * Make a payment for a monthly service



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