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Content matters too. The truth is, some people are Shakespeare and some people aren't. While having a professional looking website is vitally important, it also needs to be backed up with some strong content. It should be both powerful linguistically and grammatically correct. While taking your audience into account, your site content should use words and phrases that motivate your prospective client to the take the actions that you want them to take. If you would like a professional copy writer to use their experience, expertise, and creativity to make your site pack a verbal punch, then contact us now and we'll produce the content that will let your site have a real impact on your bottom line. However, if you think you have what it takes and just want a professional to proofread your site, correcting grammatical and punctuation errors, then great...let us know and we can assist you with that too!
We also know that you're not a technology company and you have your own business to run. We understand that. You may want to have your site actively managed, but would rather leave it to an expert instead of having to learn how to do it yourself. We understand that too. That's why we offer three packages for those who would like their site actively managed as well as custom packages for those who may have even larger needs. From bare-bones site management to more feature-packed management, the professionals at Something Smart will keep your site on track and optimized for you at much lower costs than "a la carte" or "freelance" rates. So save yourself time and money by letting Something Smart manage your website and services. Find out more today!

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