PCI Compliance Consulting and Training

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Get the PCI compliance help you need! Making credit card payments online can be a risky endeavour. To increase the security of making online payments the major players in the payment card industry (PCI) have collectively implemented rules and regulations to make certain all necessary steps are being taken to ensure everybody's payments are protected. More and more merchant banks are requiring even smaller businesses to comply with these rules. Unfortunately these requirements can be very onerous even to trained professionals. We understand that most small and medium sized businesses are not equipped to deal with these highly technical questions, rules and requirements. Because of this, Something Smart now offers PCI compliance consulting services focusing on small to medium sized companies and corporations.
We have the experience needed to get the job done and know what steps smaller businesses need to take to comply with the PCI rules. We've passed PCI audits in our work with Fortune 100 financial institutions and from our past experience know what it takes to simplify the process for business owners who don't have such a technical background.
We will step through the appropriate PCI self-assessment and work with you to remediate any existing issues. We will work with you to resolve any issues that become apparent in any periodic site scans. We will give you simple procedures to follow to help maintain your good standing and will conduct annual on-line security classes as required by the PCI compliance requirements. The good thing is we have your budget in mind and know what actions we can take to hold costs down. That's doing PCI compliance the Smart way!

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