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SEO services are here! Something Smart is now providing organic search engine optimization (SEO) services for those who want to take their site to the next level and see it rise in the search engine rankings. While it takes a bit more work, organic SEO shows better and longer lasting results to take your site to the top and to keep it there. We work hand in hand with you in a multi-pronged approach to have your site ranked higher. The best thing is until you get to the upper levels of the results, if you aren't rising, then you aren't paying. That's right, unlike other SEO services, ours is strictly white-hat and pay for performance.
Why is white-hat so important? Because if Google or other search engines find you have been employing black-hat techniques -- or basically "cheating" -- they will completely ban your site from their results. It won't matter if you tell them that you didn't mean to and that it was your SEO company that did will still be banned. If you've been banned, let us know and we can work with the search engines to get you unbanned.
On top of being white-hat, we're not like typical SEO services in other ways too. We may utilize the same actions that many of the other white-hatters do, but then we are taking it a step further. We have developed a system that programmatically utilizes several different types of analytics software to find the best path to the top for your site and are releasing this system as a service within the next few weeks. That's a proprietary service that nobody else has and that separates us from the rest. This service is currently in beta testing so if you would like to participate in the testing and get this service for free during the testing period, please contact us through our "Contacts" page.
We're always concerned about meeting and exceeding expectations. So that expectations are properly set, you need to understand that results from organic SEO don't happen overnight. Since organic SEO can take a little bit of time, we also are now offering search engine marketing (SEM) management services so your site can still show up on the first page while we're working to get it there permanently. A combination of SEO and SEM is one of the best ways to get your website highly ranked very quickly and keep it there once SEO has kicked in and you've stopped with your SEM buys.

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